Welcome to Jentoria. Home of the British Shorthair and Bengal cat.


Hello and welcome to my new website which includes all of my cats and kittens and also my beautiful papillions.

I have been breeding British shorthairs and Bengal cats for over 12 years and I absolutely love it.
I am very excited about making my British Shorthaired Silver spotted stud boy Bubbles upto champion and he is also the proud parent of the whiskas kitten on TV.
He is such a fantatsic cat and he was my first British Shorthair. I have had cats all of my life and I could not imagine life without one now; life would be too dull and boring. No matter if they are black and white, ginger or sky blue pink! I love all cats - as do all my family. We also have dogs, horses, chickens and various wildlife. When I started to breed my cats, I thought "Oh this will be easy, it's just like looking after any other cat", but boy was I wrong! Pedigree cats are so totally different from other cats, it's as if they knew they were pedigrees. When you are breeding them they need 24 hour care. When kittening or if you have any struggling kittens, then they need good grooming, loving playing with and most importantly a good diet. This produces big strong cats and kittens; that's not to mention if you get time to attend a show and proudly present your pride and joys. I wouldn't change a thing from the crying with joy with new born, to the pain and anguish when one dies. I do try to remember the good times especially when new people come along and offer new loving homes, as did Mr & Mrs Whitwam from Huddersfield. They have since had litters and all are totally spoilt. Please take a look around my website and see why my cats are precious to me, and maybe you can join people like Mr & Mrs Whitwam and let a beautiful cat own you!